Saturday, May 24, 2014

Wed 5.21.2014

Wow what a day! 5 hour drive to SFO then 13 hour flight. The beginning of this trip is requiring a lot of patience. I do have to say that the flight was probably the most comfortable plane I have been on as an Economy class. And the food! The rice crackers were delicious, followed by a huge equally delicious dinner/lunch. I got chicken on top of rice served with miso soup, salad, fruit, noodles, and something else that I couldn’t eat because I was so full. Then when I got off the plane I went straight for the bathroom. To my surprise  there was a butt wash! Yay! I didn’t use it but I know I will muster up the courage at some point on the trip to use one.  I am so happy that we are at the hotel now. I have to say I was a little shocked at how tiny the rooms are, but they seem very efficient. I am a little disappointed that my window opens up to a wall less than two feet away, but hey, you
can't be picky!

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