Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sat 5.24.2014

Tonight is our last night in Kumamoto but just to recap on the past couple days here are a few photos and details from our adventures!  Yesterday we went and did an art workshop which was so much fun! We learned from masters how to do inlay techniques and then they let us make our own pendants. They are going to do the final polishing which takes about a week and then they are going to mail them to us at what ever hotel we are staying at. Yesterday we also got to go to the museum to view a wonderful and wild artist. I’ll have to look up how to spell her name later…Her art was intriguing and very playful. I enjoyed it a lot! Later on we got drinks and went dancing for a little bit before calling it a night. Today we got to see the Kumamoto castle and samurai quarters. This was my favorite part of Kumamoto so far. The castle tour was absolutely amazing as was the beautiful architecture. We got lunch/dinner at a restaurant called Swiss and  I had a green tea parfait. I thought it was delicious minus the fact that there was beans in it…Now I’m back at the hotel relaxing and preparing for yet another day of travel. I am looking forward to this next part of the trip, hot springs and all! 

Thurs 5.22.2014

Today I used the butt wash…and i liked it! It was gentle and refreshing. I woke up at 5:00 this morning with just the right amount of energy so Payton and I decided to go walk around the city. Not a lot of things were open that early in the morning but exploring the compact streets was really fun. My diet has almost entirely consisted of green tea candies…I guess it’s good that I’ve been walking all day! We are on our way to western Japan now (on the second fastest bullet train) and I am so happy I got a window seat! Tokyo is a really clean city. Everyone dresses really nice and there is barely any trash (literally no trashcans). I’m excited to come back and spend a couple nights here toward the end of the trip!

Wed 5.21.2014

Wow what a day! 5 hour drive to SFO then 13 hour flight. The beginning of this trip is requiring a lot of patience. I do have to say that the flight was probably the most comfortable plane I have been on as an Economy class. And the food! The rice crackers were delicious, followed by a huge equally delicious dinner/lunch. I got chicken on top of rice served with miso soup, salad, fruit, noodles, and something else that I couldn’t eat because I was so full. Then when I got off the plane I went straight for the bathroom. To my surprise  there was a butt wash! Yay! I didn’t use it but I know I will muster up the courage at some point on the trip to use one.  I am so happy that we are at the hotel now. I have to say I was a little shocked at how tiny the rooms are, but they seem very efficient. I am a little disappointed that my window opens up to a wall less than two feet away, but hey, you
can't be picky!